Fashion Forward Season 10 Day3

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Alas, the final day of Fashion Forward! Although I am sad its all over it has been a very exhausting 3 days. Besides the amazing designers and collections I always look forward to Fashion Forward because I get to see my favourite people- this who share the same love and passion for fashion as I do!

Though I did not go to see a lot of shows this day, it was probably my favourite day because everyone I bumped into a lot of familiar faces and caught up with a lot of other bloggers. Chit chatting with people of this industry and being able to pick their brans a little inspires and motivates me more than anything else…

Asya Krasnaya

ASYA KRASNAYA  is a story about two best friends, great sisters and trusted partners. Evgeniya and Elena started their fashion journey in 2016, driven by a long-standing desire to find two characters in one, that would rise up to the aesthetics of a comfortable, chic, colorful wardrobe.


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