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#TGIF! Though, as per usual I worked today with a call time of 9AM for a client shoot for the launch of their new product I spent the rest of it with amazing friends laying at the beach.

When getting calls for shootings although I try to remain highly professional with my dressing included, I always make sure to wear something that I could move around in- which involves a lot of laying on the ground, squating, and I am sure a lot of very awkward stances. And because it is way too hot to be in full length pants and our location happened to be down by the Jumeirah Open Beach I took the opportunity to wear denim shorts, an item of clothing that I’ve absolutely loathed over the past years because I used to think they made my thighs look huuuuuge I recently discovered it was because I was buying the wrong type of denim shorts.

I now have an extensive collection of (keyword:) loose denim shorts. Some high waisted, low, distressed, light washed, dark, but all loose fitted when it came down to the thigh area. Though tight booty shorts may look good on some, having legs look like sausages every time you sit isn’t cute.

And because I was already “showing a lot of legs” (I have quite long legs) I kept things covered up top with a black metallic striped top with big balloon-like sleeves. Though tempted to roll up in my Adidas slides I thought that may have been pushing it and decided to go with the trusty black two strapped Birkenstock which isn’t photographed and for good reason- they’re ugly. Why did you spend 300AED on these shoes, 2014 Bettina?

I am not even going to bother talking about the new Ray Ban sunglasses I just bought because they’ll be included in this months end favourites! Obsessed!


Top from H&M (similar here and here)

Denim Shorts from H&M (similar here, cheaper here and here)

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