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I recently did my first radio interview on Tag91.9, the most famous Filipino radio stations in the UAE with DJ Chikay. As you could imagine I was what the internet kids would say “shitting bricks” with how nervous I was. I’m not the type to get nervous until minutes before the big moment.

I was brought on to talk about finding your “personal style”, and though I’m not a big believer of having just ONE specific style I do still recognise a lot of people who has a specific aesthetic. I’ve just always been the type to wear what I liked and felt comfortable in.

I do believe though that you can feel more comfortable and confident in the things you wear and cut down on spending over items you probably would never use especially when there’s a SALE tag attached to it, don’t worry we are all guilty of spending a bit too much when shopping festival’s hit Dubai.

Finding inspiration in people I follow (and even pinterest) not only keeps in updated on trends but I also get to see what I like and don’t before I even have to shop it. I always save/ screenshot/ bookmark/ and pin what appeals to me for some outfit inspiration. Keeping some inspiration comes especially handy when running late to work- been there done that moment, I’ve definitely opening up instagram a few times when I had no idea what to wear to an event.

I make sure to clean out my wardrobe at least once a year, its crazy how many things I come across that I’ve either haven’t worn in months or still have the price tag still attached to it. This is great too because you now definitely know what styles you don’t wear. Bodycon dresses? Yeah, had a bunch of those. Tossed them away. Never. Buying. Again.

Since I’ve started working full time I’ve noticed how little clothes I had to wear to an office so when shopping I always took my lifestyle into consideration. You want your clothes to not only represent your personality but also make sense in your field of work. Because I do work at an office where formal is a must I try to add my goofy-ness by my sparkly pink shoes and overloading my blazers with funny pins because lets face it, the day I decide to put on a black and white suit is the day I finally conform to society. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Trust your instincts. If you don’t feel comfortable in something, take it off and put it back on the rack because chances are, you probably will forget about it or never want to wear it. I always make sure I’m comfortable in what I’m in. I’ve recently started shopping at LC Waikiki, where I get high-quality clothes at great value. They have exactly what you need, when you need it. from basics to dressier pieces, shoes, accessories, you could literally build a whole outfit by shopping in one store only without breaking the bank.

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“Something that makes you feel confident and beautiful is never out of style”


Photography by Marlon O. Empaynado

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