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I was brought up in a home where both parents were very much into and supportive of the arts. From my dad who ran away from University because he was performing poorly in his major in commerce which he was forced into because at the time, majoring in art was not something people saw a future in. Especially being Filipino, you are expected to either go into the medical or business field. Anything else, God forbid.

My mother is also very artistic, though if you asked her she would swear she isn’t I can tell from her penmanship, the posters she makes for her nursery kids, to the paintings she did while alone at home when pregnant with me. We still have her painting framed in our house where she envisioned having 2 kids- boy and girl and a dog. All came true by the way.

It was always expected of me to go into the arts. Which I later on did at the University of Santo Tomas, College of Fine Arts and Design Majoring in Advertising Arts. I loved it. In (middle-high) school I never felt like I fitted in, the smart kids were separate into “star sections” which was a reminder to the rest of us how we weren’t going anywhere with life had we not of gotten smart enough to be shifted to the “star section”. Creative subjects weren’t taken as seriously and though we had art competitions every now and then (which I always took part in obviously) it was never a big deal compared to basketball games.

Stepping into University I knew I belonged there. It was a space shared by a community who had a common passion. A place where mistakes were welcomed and could even possible seen as a magnificent piece of art. We experimented, did things that made no sense for the hell of it, had fun, made a mess while we watched everyone else in the outside world follow and doing certain things according to the book. We were free. We weren’t given pages out of a textbook to memorized only to be forgotten in a few months, we were graded on things we created using our bare hands. It still amazes me knowing that I could create something beautiful just with my hands whether it was of any value or not.

Though I do not work in the most creative of fields, though we are still really weird and funky I still try to apply some creativity into what I do, from sitting with my graphic designers, to writing out my post captions, and thinking about the next big campaign. Okay, maybe my job does require a lot of creativity but just enough where my brain gets fried- which was the downside to majoring in art, there will come times when your passion starts feeling forced and more like work.

I always make sure I visit Art Fairs, Exhibitions, Museums, and other related events to remind myself of where I “came from” and what my goals are- which is to someday work somewhere where creativity, experimentation, and mistakes were welcomed. I originally wanted to go into Art Curation until I found Art History to bore the hell out of me. I still killed the final exam though!

I honestly started typing this post out not knowing where this was going, and I still don’t so I decided to create a separate section to where all my thought or “journal entries” would fall under. Hence, The Journal.

Get ready because you may either learn a whole lot more about me or get something totally random.


Photography by Marlon O. Empaynado

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