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I’ve always had the hardest time advising tourists/ new residents what to do while in Dubai. Which seems ridiculous because I’ve lived here my whole life. Recently, while talking to a new friend of mine about how much longer he has till he goes back to his home country he brought up his “Dubai Bucket List” and all he’s done and is yet to do (Hi, Jared!). Mid-conversation the very unoriginal idea of having a blog series on things to do while here hit me. Then #HowToUAE, a hashtag coined by Marjanne Reyes of marjanne.co earlier this year during her boyfriends visit to Dubai came to me. She documented their ventures while his stay here, read more from Marj here.

So, if I directed you to this page or you just stumbled onto this post while Googling “Things to do while in Dubai”, welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay both in Dubai and my website- and follow me on my other social links (shameless self-promo)

Though crossing the Dubai Creek using water taxi’s or as we locals call them- “Abra’s” is a popular and affordable (1 AED) means of transportation between Deira and Bur Dubai, you can also get a private ride for you and your group with no pre-planning needed. Which is exactly what I did this weekend!

It only costs 120 AED for an hour on the Abra, if this is too long you can request to cut it down to 30 mins at 60 AED and only see one side of the creek and if you get a cool old man like I did (with a little bribing), will allow you to stand at the edge to take amazing pictures, or if you aren’t single like I am, have a low-budget remake of the Titanic scene.



Believe it or not, this is only my second time on an Abra. I vividly remember being on one as a kid when we had family visiting from the Philippines. Ever since my dad brought up the memory a few months back, I’ve been dying to experience it again.

If there is anytime to get your butt on an Abra, this is the most perfect weather Dubai has had all year long. I made sure to hop on at 5pm just in time for the 5:30 sunset which blessed my images with golden hour lighting. It was the most de-stressing 30 minutes of my whole week.

#HowToDubai created by Marjanne Reyes.

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