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If you know me from outside of blogging you would know that I mostly always wear casual wear, and I’m a big fan of it. I love just throwing on a v-neck tucked into rolled up jeans and booties. Otherwise a tshirt dress, which I would consider is my uniform if I had one. And because I dress so casually I love making up for it by accessorizing, stacking up either my arm candies or layering dainty little necklaces, I call it an organized mess kind of, whatever it ends up looking good okay.

I find it, after spending the pas two years always dressing up every night for an event, watching people always trying to out-dress each other and thinking of dressing up as a huge deal (which obviously it is), I’ve noticed I’ve chilled out a little, I no longer wear those 6 inch heels anymore, the highest I’ve been waliking in now are probably 3 inches. But like I said, I’ve been enjoying experimenting with accessorizing a lot, it’s a whole different kind of fun which I have found myself putting a lot more thought into now a days before I head out my door.

I find it vital that I only wear good quality pieces (you all know what I mean, non of those green-skin-turning-rings-after-a-long-day-cheap-forever 21-jewelry) but might I remind you I’m also just a teenager with no definite source of income but her parents. Yes I still depend on my parents ok sue me. So I do have a budget, looking for affordable, sturdy, but great material pieces are so hard to come across now a days lets be honest. So when I came across MOA on instagram I was instantly drawn to them, I knew I had to swing by their store as soon as they open so you can only imagine how ecstatic I was to receive an invite to their official store launch.







They put in so much thought into what they put out in stores, they have collections for different women who live different lifestyles and have different tastes, literally anyone of any age can walk instore and have something for them, I actually think its impossible to walk out empty handed I have to check if that’s ever even happened.

I just put out a post where I styled a few pieces from MOA where you can check out here, I also open up and tell you how I got to where I am right now so if you like a light read I suggest you head on over there!

I also want to touch on the fact that I rarely bond with staff instores, quite frankly, I find them annoying most of the time but the ladies over at MOA are the most accommodating, helpful, and just all around nice ladies. Not once did they make me feel awkward and I enjoyed our conversations, might just swing by in a few days to say hi (and eventually leave with a big shopping bag most probably, R.I.P wallet).


IMG_7338 IMG_7346














Wearing MOA Accessories

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