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I constantly have people asking me about my skincare routine left and right, “Bettina, how do you get your skin so clear?” “Betiina, make a blog post on your skin routine”. So here it is, the probably most requested post I have ever had, my skincare routine.

First things first lets talk…

Water Temperature

Yeah you heard me. After washing my hands with a gentle hand soap just so that I’m not rubbing dirt all over my face I turn the faucet over to hot water and wait a few seconds to get it to a warm temperature. I find starting of with warm water helps open up your pores so you can really get in and extract all that nasty stuff clogging up your pores. When I’m done with all of my steps I turn the faucet over to the coldest setting and splash my face a few times just to seal all the moisture and close them pores back up!


On to the fun stuff which are the products! Now, I am a teenager and I am not all about that 200 dhs. moisturizer life hell no. I run on a tight budget which actually helped me a lot in finding what works for me. This made me way more adventurous in skincare and there’s even one holy grail product I included that’s only 7 dhs. in Daiso, yup I told you I was adventurous.



Neutrogena Deep Clean Gel Wash

A product I have religiously been using for the past 4 years everyday and night. It dives deep into your pores and dissolves and dirt, oil, or makeup left on your face. My face genuinely feels and looks clean, leaving behind no dry nor oily parts which is great for all you combination sisters out there!

I have no use for make up remover wipes anymore because of this product, a little goes a long way and it will literally strip down your face from any makeup no matter how tough or water proof it claims to be.




Face Scrub

Now, I think the most important step in clear skin is regular exfoliation. I have two products I love that you can try out and see which one you prefer. I just alternate between two but you don’t have to go out and buy both.

St. Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub

I love this product because of its naturally derived exfoliants and none of that plastic beads that has been blowing up all over the internet for destroying our water apparently and has now been banned in the USA. I use this scrub when I notice a lot of red/ uneven skin discoloration or when I feel I need a little bit of firming happening around especially from being stressed all the time.

Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub

Thank you Bianca, my best friend for introducing me to this product. You have changed my skincare game. I have been reaching for this product more often in the past 6 months and I have seen so much difference it has made to my skin.

It has helped me greatly with removing any dead skin, I have zero. It gets rid of any and all blackheads. I usually start off by working this product out on my nose and then working my way out and around my face and in just one wash my skin feels like a baby’s bottom. It is life changing.





If you are Filipino or have Filipino friends I am sure you know or at least have seen an orange bar of soap in the toilet. The bar that every Filipino man, woman, teenager has is the Kojie San soap. It is a skin whitening soap though I do not use it for that purpose. This soap leaves your face in one color, yes, no dark, red, or uneven spots. It tones and leaves your face feeling tight and youthful.

Though, the only downside to this bar is it may be very drying but you can quickly fix that by following up with a really good moisturizer.




ESKINOL Facial Cleanser

Another product popular in the Filipino community no matter which part of the world you are if you are Filipino you know you went through a phase in your life where you used ESKINOL products.

These toners are hard core, I use them after I wash my face with my 101 different face washes (haha) to really get in there and deep clean to remove any excess dirt, oil, or makeup left over after washing and without fail it gets the job done. For some amazing reason it still manages to extract way more dirt left over on my face despite my 30 minute face wash ritual and I’m just mind blown every single time.

It definitely tingles every time I go over a sensitive spot or a pimple and it leaves your skin feeling like (and I’m not even kidding) you brushed your face with the most minty toothpaste out there.

I just soak a cotton pad in the toner and dap (not rub) it all over my face, neck, and behind my ears. Yeah guys you need to clean behind your ears too.




Belo Whitening Cream

Well look at that, 3 popular Filipino products in a row. This is totally the last I promise! Though it may be a whitening cream I don’t use this to whiten because I’m pretty sure I am white enough thank you very much you don’t have to tell me I’ve heard it time and time before. I use this as a moisturizer because it soaks up in your skin really quickly despite the fact that it is a super thick and rich product. I use these before I got to bed, when I wake up in the morning, and before I do my makeup and they’ve been doing a great job and controlling my uber dry skin.




NUXE Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse

Something that I have been reaching out more and more on my shelf is this multi purpose oil that I use both for my face and my hair! Ever wonder where Parisian women get their glow? I believe it is by this product and I have been enjoying waking up to well hydrated and moisturized skin and hair because of this product. Because it is an oil a little definatley goes a long way and I love the fact that it is a spray so I have more control on how much I use which is only one spray, rub it in my palms and then spread all over my face. I’ll explain how I use it on my hair but that’s a whole different blog post right there so let me know if you’d like to hear a hair care routine!




Charcoal Mask

I honestly have no idea what the name of this product is because it is Japanese so if any of you knows the translation please help a home girl out and let me know down on the comments below!

Anyways, this is amazing. Its so amazing that I converted my best friend and now not only is she addicted to this peel off mask but so is her whole family and the best part is that its only 7 dhs. in Daiso, yup. You apply it around the areas where you usually have clogged pores and black heads and it comes out as a thick liquid but quickly dries and you peel it and get to see all the nast things that have been clogging your pores. I don’t know about you but if that doesn’t scream fun, I don’t know what does.




Clean & Clear Advantage Anti-Spot Gel

Lets talk acne. I was blessed with pretty clear skin and little to no acne in my genes but there are definitely (a lot) times where I’m too lazy to wash my face at night and I wake up with a pretty little pimple.

Even when I don’t have acne I usually dab a tiny amount of this spot treatment around my redness after I moisturize and it helps a lot with calming it down and I can wake up the next morning without worrying whether or not I look like a tomato, cause yes I do get red in a few areas.




Pure Natural Snail Mask Sheet

Ewwwww, Bettina seriously? Snail? Hell yeah, girl. Its 2016 now get with the times nothing is weird anymore. The reason while snail extract is so great is because as the snails glide along rocks they usually get cuts from the jagged surface but they use their own secretion to heal themselves, plus its super moisturizing. And it smells hella good okay!

Thank you loads to my relatives for sending me two packs of this product over, I am almost out of it so uhhhh… If you would send more that would be great. Totally kidding (or am I)!


Discliamer: I am in now way, shape, or form an expert or have studied anything related to dermatology. I am merely sharing what works for me and obviously if you have any common sense you would know that what works for others may not work for yourself. We all have very different and unique skins and reactions to products so girl, if something I listed doesn’t work out for you… You are on your own but I still love you haha!

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