Olaplex & Blowdry at GLOSS Salon

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I spent a lovely afternoon at GLOSS Salon this weekend. I was a bit nervous traveling to Al Wasl Road as I am not familiar with the location but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to find the Salon.It was great, and accessible through the bus and metro which is convenient to commuters like myself!


I was already greeted with smiles as I walked up the stars through the glass door and was immediately assisted to my seat with the kindest stylist I have ever met and spent time with, Haley (Hi if you are reading! I love you haha!)

I especially loved the chill ambiance with great interiors. An exposed brick wall, exposed ceiling with low hanging lights, cement floors and wooden vanities which was very hip and 2016 #af. Also kept great music flowing, was very spacious which made everything feel so clean.


Some of the friendliest staffs I have ever met, they were easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable and well taken cared of.

Haley (my stylist of the day), was amazing guys like really! Instead of making you feel super guilty about your hair and telling you how you do everything wrong like most of the stylists I’ve been to, she gave me tips and tricks for my hair style and type and advised me which made me comfortable opening up and sharing my hair experiences with her both good and bad, which I almost never do with other stylists.

Before we got started she sat me down and provided me with information on what we will be doing on that day which made me feel as confident as she was through out the whole process!

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We proceeded with the Olaplex treatment which Cosmo Magazine recently did an article on dubbing it “the new salon wonder-treatment that actually fixes damaged hair” and I probably won’t be the first to say it but it actually works! We went on over to wash my hair and she applied the first part for 15 minutes and then the second part for 10 minutes, and thats all that it took! My hair was super soft and shiny!

I could already feel how smooth my hair was as she was washing the product out of my hair and brushing it to dry, we laughed about it because I told her I could’ve never combed my hair while it was wet and was amazed at how easy she got the comb through my hair now!

It was bouncy, not frizzy at all, and so shiny that when the light hit my hair it was literally white! Haley also did an amazing job blowdrying my hair, I absolutely loved it and when I had more meetings the following day my day 2 hair looked and felt as amazing as it did coming out of the salon.

I have since washed my hair once but I can still feel and see the difference OLAPLEX has done. It is so much more manageable and I don’t even have to run my hair straightener through my hair anymore to make it looked some what decent to go out.


I can’t wait to make my next appointment with Gloss! It is so rare that I am as excited to go back to a salon and thats all because of how amazing the stylists are at Gloss!

Visit GLOSS at Al Wasl Road for more information visit their website.

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