Double Denim on the Desert

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“Shower curtain rods!” is what my mother exclaimed as she saw me holding up my necklace while I was lined up for checkout in H&M during their sale this DSF. I’m not going to lie, I did think of it and I’m sure a lot of people did which was probably why the hooks were still stacked of untouched necklaces just like it but there was something very Kendall Jenner about it. Now, I am never one to copy another persons whole wardrobe but it reminded me of her effortless chic style. She paired very basic things together but things you would’ve never seen before. Plus, it was 10 dhs people it was basically a steal.

Now to think about it this whole outfit was actually inspired by a very similar one of Kenall Jenner’s. She wore a denim frayed top similar to mine which is from Zara, white jeans and sneakers. I guess you can call this look a “Steal her Style” or “Get the Look for Less” but I didn’t even notice it till now in all honesty.




I was pairing this outfit with an pointed toe heel but my friends decided to ditch the city this weekend and get on an Avanza and chill by the desert (like all Dubai raised kids would rather do). We stopped by a pond where they had cool dead looking bushes, they weren’t really dead they’re just plants on the desert don’t worry.




I love this outfit because it’s a very causal “me”. Its edgy yet it looks super clean, Birks for a casual look like what is pictured here while a pointed heel (which is what I would always prefer) for a more put together look. Im sorry but I wasn’t ready to ruin my suede heels on sand! Even though my previous blog WAS ‘Heels in Dubai Snd’, ironic!

  • Marj
    1 February 2016

    love everything!

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