Sea N Be Seen at The BEACH


Another successful tour around THE BEACH held by APCO Worldwide, one of my most favourite companies because of how much fun we always end up having at their events! Early this year I posted their very first event at THE BEACH swell witch you can read here.

We all met up at Sun Eye and was immediately greeted with refreshing drinks from Soda Font, a new air stream housed beverage located at THE BEACH. It keeps up with the teens and our generation by staying hip and fun yet restoring the original famous drink flavours such as the Coke Float. You

You can find a variety of surprisingly delicious unusual drink and soda combos and the presentation I must say gets an A++ from me!
SodaFont-2 SodaFont-4







We were then handed over to the head of Sun Eye who gave as a quick briefing on the shop, they carry the latest trends of eyewear to the bubbly and sophisticated beach goers and the first in the country to receive all the latest designs of your favourite brands.


dior1 New-2015-MMKKversace2


We then had a trip to Victoria Secret where, you could only imagine how us ladies were beyond excited to go into. We had a fun activity where we were able to find out about our personality and what type of perfumes would suite the each of us where they called it “Fragrance Fittings” which was amazing because I never knew there was such a thing and was pleasantly surprised to find out I was a “romantic”. What!?

Turns out I really was a romantic because I ended up finding out that I really like spicy and musky scents and till this day I still do reminisce the scents I smelled that day. I know what Im splurging on this month!

IMG_3812 IMG_3818 IMG_3816 IMG_3808

This next stop, Im not going to lie was my favourite of the night because of how colourful, bubbly and eccentric the whole shop was, Sauce on Sea.

I had always been familiar with  Sauce but never knew they had a branch on the beach called Sauce on Sea and a lot more brands scattered around Dubai with the funkiest names. We got to have a little background and stylish session with their stylist and saw the different things they carried and sold out in the store.

It is definitely one to check out when you do visit and you just have the most fun inside.

IMG_3820 IMG_3828 IMG_3827 IMG_3825 IMG_3823 IMG_3821

Our next stop was at Roberto Cavalli Kids where we had more styling tips and learnt about what was on trend this season followed by a competition that others were able to participate in which was loads of fun because we got to learn a little more about each others’ sense of style which was really interesting because you get to see the big contrast in others mannequins.

IMG_3838 IMG_3844 IMG_3843 IMG_3842 IMG_3840 IMG_3830

I had so much fun at Essential, their only store in the Middle East and thank goodness its in Dubai because I am obsessed with their stuff. The shop is jam packed in so much personality and eccentric styles of clothing. This is definitely not for the boring and play-it-safe kind of person and I absolutely love it!

They have loads of fun mixing colours and prints which I never had the courage to do myself but has definitely inspired me to try more in the future!


We ended the night with a beautiful dinner at the Seven Sands Restaurant where they served us delicious Emirati Cuisine. Let me tell you, I would’ve never known I would ever eat shark in my life but let me tell you, the way they cooked it, I didnt even know shark tasted that good!

Plus, their desserts were mouth watering, I probably have to go back there this weekend wit my whole family for the dates cake, heaven!!

Seven Sands_Interiors 1 Seven Sands Seven Sands Signature Salad Seven Sands - Legemat

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