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I was so (and still am) super excited when I was contacted
by the Core Fitness Evolution team a week ago asking if I would be interested
in trying out their workout by having a session with them, and myself being
eager to start getting my fitness game strong which you may have noticed if you
followed me on snapchat (shameless plug in @bettinamicu) I have been going to
the gym a couple times a week now for this summer I immediately told them I
would love to!
Buzzing, I arrived a few minutes earlier than the session so
I got to meet and talk to the co-owner of Core Fitness Evolution and got
talking on the background of how him and his wife got into and kick started
what I think is an amazing way to keep fit and healthy and introduce it to the
Middle East all the way from California.
The amazing story of Arpan (Co-Owner and Trainer at Core
Fitness) is linked right here:
It makes you so much motivated and inspired to get fit and no matter what life
throws at you, you can and will always be able to overcome it with will power.

They opened their first branch on September of 2014 at
Emirates Financial Towers. They work with Lagree Fitness, each session 40
minutes where you have a high intensity, low impact workout. Hearing all of
this made me a bit skeptical because what you are basically doing is working
out with one machine for 40 minutes, little did I knew I would have my ass
beat. You literally workout your whole body using different parts of the
machine to target a different part of your body and it may look easy but you
remember the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Yes. This quote applies
to this workout because WHEW *wipes sweat across forehead*
While performing each movement the trainer is there to
correct, comment, and push you when they feel like you can handle it and they
are super motivating to everyone. They think everything through from the
comfort of everyone, even providing motivational music that I don’t think
people notices helps so much while performing.

You end up feeling so much more energetic and motivated to
stay healthy the remaining of the day which is why I probably ate healthy for
the next few days after my session with Core Fitness Evolution and not only did
I walk out energized but I walked out of that experience with so much more
understanding of my body and having a healthier workout with tips from the
trainer of the do’s and don’ts.

An over all ten-out-of-ten for my experience at Core Fitness
Evolution and I am eager to go back and have another sess! All their links will
be down below where I advise everyone to check out their website because they
have so much more information on there and all their contact details will be
links below!
And check out my video for a better look at my experience at Core Fitness Evolution:
  • Dyna Jones
    28 July 2015

    Great post Bettina.
    Even I love to workout daily and I have different workout plans to gain maximum results.

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