EZRA: The Maria Clara Collection

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EZRA: The Maria Clara Collection
By designer Ezra Santos inspired by old Manila in the 30’s and the old days, when mestizas went about in the finest Maria Clara during Spanish occupancy where they had many fashion influences in the Philippines.
As soon as the first few looks came out, one after another, I immediately thought of a ‘modern day Maria Clara’ which surprisingly the collection was all about. Being a Filipino as well I appreciate and admire Maria Clara’s whenever I see them back home in the Philippines, always wishing I lived in the era where Maria Clara was a daily uniform.
This collection was so elegant, reminding me of a Chanel twist on a Maria Clara. I especially loved the shades of pink used, where it isn’t the typical Barbie pink but a more sophisticated professional woman look. And my obsession with the gold detailing, and don’t even get me started with how much attention to detail each dress has!
No doubt a standing ovation well deserved for Ezra Santos!
(c) Courtesy of Getty Images

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