Stylist Arabia x GAP

I was lucky enough to be invited to the The Gap ‘Dress Normal’ event in association with Stylist Arabia over last week. We picked out jeans to wear to the event, where I of course chose a pair of light washed girlfriend jeans and another pair to customise during the event which I went for a dark blue wash skinny jeans.
It was definitely a tough choice because of their variety of styles with their denim and I must say, these are the best quality jeans I have now, being Ive already worn both pairs twice over the weekend.
There were different stations to customise your jeans, there was bedazzlements, lace, iron ons, a place where they can put your initials on them, ripping (where I stayed most of the time), and painting. 
It was a super fun event where I got to meet tons of people and have fun chats with!

(Last 3 Photo Credits © Tinayums;

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