Sporty Chic

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Everybody needs a little black dress and here’s my take on it. The dress gives off the illusion of separate pieces because of the different materials used, the top is a faux leather and the skirt is a cotton spandex blend making the dress comfortable to move around while still form fitting.
Although this dress is perfect as it is I love the contrast of a very classy dress with a sporty bomber jacket which if you may have heard of since the ‘Sporty’ trend has been the biggest trend for SS15 and has been seen on every runway. Rolled up the sleeves so the jacket doesn’t consume my figure and chucked on a pair of simple heels to balance out the heavy top.
And always remember, the best accessory is a smile!

What I’m wearing:
Dress: H&M
Jacket: H&M

  • Janae
    24 July 2016

    Keep it coming, wrtiers, this is good stuff.

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