Simple Beginnings

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Starting this year right with a LOOK post! Entitled simple beginnings because this is exactly how I want my year beginning as. Looking back a year ago everything was so much different, I was in an unhappy point in my life and was headed no where which is far opposite to where I am now, Im happy, happy doing what Im doing and happy pursuing blogging. I started this blog as a hobby since wanting to create a blog for so blog and it still does remain a hobby, I love doing this, and I love everyone, yes, YOU included for the love and support that I receive daily!
This is definitely refreshing! Here you got the classic Bettina, which, if you grew up with me was my thing, long legs, and… heels! This year I’m bumping my blogging up a notch with HQ pictures, amazing, inspiring outfits, some DIY’s!, exciting collaborations, and many many more!

What I’m wearing
Jumpsuit: Topshop
Heels: Parisian

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