Homework Entry 4

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Hey guys! Before anyone says anything I know, I know I haven’t posted in days now and I usually get at least a few looks up in a week but this week has been the most stress filled and anxiety filled week I had so far and I was just not in a good place with myself and we had a pile up of submissions and an exam but I am not here to make excuses!
Here is another fun little homework entry for you guys! I thought it would be fun if I actually showed you through the process of designing something so in 3 2 1 HERE WE GOOOOO!
Everyone needs to start of with a design that needs to be approved and the image you will see below is the lamest artwork Ive done but at 4 am in the morning you don’t really care of perfection. I wanted to mix patterns while keeping it bright since you know me always in dark clothing.

Then you make the measurements, illustrator, photoshop images, etc etc you know, fashion designing stuff hahaha!

And finally the design! I finished the top and skirt by 4 am and the picture you are seeing below is the complete skirt and an unfinished top that I later on attached sleeves and a collar!
Little side note: Thank you Shannon Thomas for bringing me into your house and letting me use your sewing machine and taking the time to help me when I was having anxiety and most importantly for letting me pet your cats… That sounds wrong but seriously!!! And I’m not just saying thank you cause… I really do mean it! Love you bae!!!

You guys may think its really easy designing and sewing but it actually is a longer process than it looks! It takes a lot of time, concentration, and passion. What you guys are seeing now in my post is no where near 1/4 of the actual process so shout out to all fashion designers out there and just know you are very much appreciated! Send my love!
Last but not least, also my favourite just a simple mood board that I threw together within an hour while I was in the bus on the way to school. It actually turned out better than I imagined and I love the pops of colour and intuitive fashion! This may or may not be my current wallpaper on my macbook haha!

I hope you guys enjoyed and I promise a look post for you all tomorrow! I prooooomise!

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