Homework Entry 3

Hey guys! i know I know its been almost a month since I’ve posted a homework entry and this was because I had so much journals to finish for submission and I finally submitted most of my work though I have a whole new workload which sucks since Im majoring in Fashion Marketing and Retailing but they’re making us Fashion Design students… I have a rant but this post isn’t about a rant its about my homework.
The following is a few pictures on some of the spreads of my Contemporary Contextual Studies Journal which was a nightmare to complete. Hope you enjoy because I know I didnt! Hahaha

Im in love with this pink-purple pattern I created with a piece of old lace fabric, a paintbrush, and some paint!

Aaaand this is exactly how a feel this far into the semester. Even my mom saw this spread and pointed out “Hey Bettina this is you!”. What a nice mom haha!

If anyone out there has a leather jacket like what you see in the above picture please do contact me bettinamicu@rocketmail.com Id buy it from you. As you can tell, Im obsessed with leather jackets. As a matter of fact if ANYONE out there has a leather jacket you dont want anymore… Hi! Hello! Ill buy it from you!
Hope you guys enjoyed this quick little post!
And by the way I have an ask.fm so if you are a bit shy to talk to me leave them anonymously here!

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