Splash EXIT 21 Fall/ Winter 2014 Fashion Show

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Over the weekend Splash held their Fall/ Winter 2014 Fashion Show Exit 21 on Friday, 26th September ‘14. I first found out about the fashion show through a connection and after doing a few digging I still couldn’t find a way to get a pass. Thankfully they had a competition on their Facebook page where you had to play till you get a high score… Let me just tell you I spent (and I’m not even kidding) 2 hours straight and earned 2,500+ points just to make sure I win. But wait! The funny part is yet to come…
When I arrived at school they were giving aways passes to the Splash fashion show AND I SACRIFICED 2 HOURS OF SLEEP PLAYING THEIR GAME!!! A few hours later they call me up saying “Congratulations! You have won yourself a pass to the EXIT 21 Splash Fashion Show” Ofcourse, I was excited (at least I acted excited)… It was an awkward phone call okay hahaha. 
The dress code was black and white and although I dont own anything JUST black and white I opted for this Black and blue dress I purchased from Topshop not too long ago
While standing in line at the entrance to collect my wrist band I saw Bong Guerrero, CEO of Brag and Fashion Forward, also long time family friend and we had small talk and he made me switch from normal pass to VIP Pass which was pretty cool. *THANKS!!!
We started of heaving Mocktails, picture takings, and I actually met a lot of really cool people during the pre party.
I and Kim, classmate at university, blogger, close friend, and fellow model (inside joke) got one of the best seats in the house.
And its time for the show! I’ve always been a fan of Splash but I must say that their fall/ winter collection is my favourite collection of theirs so far!
It was an amazing experience, amazing fashion, amazing people. It was a lot of fun and you could really see the amount of work that went into preparing this event. You will for sure find me in the Splash shops on October 20th when the collection will be released to the stores!

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