Jean Louis Sabaji @ FFWDDXB

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I attended Jean Louis Sabaji’s fashion show during the first day of Fashion Forward Dubai.
Let me start of by saying I have never seen any of Jean Louis Sabaji’s design, neither have I ever heard of him but when his collection came out model after model I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!!
You could obviously tell what his inspiration was, and if you can’t I’ll give you a little hint kakaw! kakaw! croo! croo! tweet! tweet! Still nothing? It was birds! And thank god he was inspired by birds because his collection was sensational! From the different colours, textures, and fabrics used.
I need to stop talking and you guys need to head right down to the pictures..

You can see more of Jean Louis Sabaji’s designs on his website linked below:
You need to click it guuuuurl/ or guy? He is phenomenal.
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