Forever 21 Fall/ Winter Collection 2014, Mirdif City Centre

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Forever 21 held a small fashion show to showcase their Fall/ Winter Collection for 2014- 2015. It was held inside the Forever 21 at Mirdif City Centre on September 17 (Wednesday) from 4pm- 6pm.
Here’s a my #ootd for this event
They started the show with an introductory speech by the head of the marketing team, followed by a video (that I will link below), style tips from the Glam Stylist where she talked about dressing for different body types, and this years trends, and to finish things of a question and answer. 
Finally was time fore the actual fashion show
(credits to Vinita Bhatkal for the pictures and Shrii Ya for giving me a copy of the pictures)

After the amazing fashion show they had a small competition for the audience (and I get pretty, ok a lot competitive). We were given 15 minuted to create and put on a whole outfit using pieces we have to look for at the store. Me, being the overly competitive person I was, was sprinting from one end of the store to the other in wedged heels! Lets just say people were wondering where the *clack clack clack clack* was coming from.
After we had our own little fashion show showing off what we had picked out within the 15 minutes it was time the Glam typist pick her top 5 favourites and then Top 3 to win a 250 aed gift voucher for Forever 21. And, well, my sprinting actually paid off because I was in the won and was apart of the top 3!
I ended up really liking my outfit so much I bought the whole thing using my 250 aed gift voucher that I won!
And now here’s a picture of I and Kimberly Concepcion who was a part of the top 5 and won a bag full of goodies from Forever 21.
And here’s a picture of us with the Glam Stylist of Forever 21

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