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Day 2 of Fashion Forward Season 2, and let me just start of by saying my goodness was it a struggle to get myself out of bed (but then again, its normally usually always a struggle every morning). On top of all of that I had no idea what to wear! You’d think I plan what Im going to wear months ahead… no. 
But thank goodness there was a Top Shop playsuit that still had the tag in it that I’ve been saving up for an important event, then layered on ALOT of necklaces, my favourite black platform boots from H&M and Im out. Peace! 
Taller Marmo

Hasan Hejazi

I enjoyed Hasan Hejazi’s fashion show. Like the Oh-so-popular trend right now some of his pieces reminded me of the sporty street look but he had a more feminine take on it with the pink, lilac, blue, and the sequences. What I liked the most was the lines on the clothes.

I next attended the talk ‘Beyond social media: 2015 trends for Fashion business professionals’ by Sharon Hughes from London College of Fashion .
She talked a lot about properly using social media, she talked about bloggers which I thought was very helpful, and gave us tip and tricks to reach more people through social media.

The next fashion show I attended was Endemage. I liked hoe they used a almost leaf-like pattern on their clothes, my favourite was how there were cut outs on some of the pieces that had the leaf-like pattern. I also liked the all white outfits (maybe its just me and my love for monochromatic looks).

The Tahir Sultan… He has an amazing eye for details. Love his jackets! I just wanted to run backstage and meet him and touch his jackets! Although if you saw the guards they had at Fashion Forward you’ll know thats impossible haha!

So yeah thats just some of the shows and talks I attended on day 2. I’ll be uploading more on Danny Tabet’s and Zareena’s fashion shows separately because… Lets be real here they need separate blog posts.
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