Fashion Forward DXB Season 4, Day 1 (Sat 04 Oct 2014)

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The day finally came! First day of Fashion Forward Dubai Season 4, Day 1 (Saturday 4th of October, 2014). I have been counting down the days, saving up my lunch money, practically starving at school to buy something to wear during this 3 day event (which i do not condone starving yourself over clothes at all, don’t do it kids!) I woke up nice and early this morning to take my time to get ready, and take my time I did! For short… I took 3 hours haha.
My #ootd for the day. Not the best of quality but I will be uploading a better one in my LOOKS series along with full details of my outfit.
My new obsession are my shoes though! 2 weeks worth of lunch money though… Again, eat your food kids!
The first fashion show I watched was The Starch Foundation which consists of 3 designers, Jo Baaklini, Timi Hayek, and Rayya Morcos.

The Starch Foundation felt very fun, playful, clean. Their designs were very youthful and gave a very sporty vibe. Something I would definitely wear if I was ever given the chance.
You can find more about The Starch Foundation at their website:
Aaaaaaaaaan these are the long lines that, I will admit only once, after this day I have mastered the art of cutting in small spaces and slowly making my way to the very front. Shhhhh!

The next show I watched was The Emperor 1688…

It was my first time attending a Emperor 1688 fashion show and I was surprised to see so many womenswear since all I’ve heard about them is how spectacular their menswear was. Their collection was very architectural, clean, modern. The whole aura of the show was very cool, and effortlessly chic.
You can find more about The Emperor 1688 on their website:
Up next was House of Ronald which I was stoked about since I’ve been a close follower of theirs…

What intrigued me the most was the fabrics used in the collection. What was also interesting was the structures, and lines used. The show over all was fun, music setting the mood and everything, I wanted to buy every single piece of apparel (if I could afford it, I’d have to save up years worth of lunch money) They were all ready-to-wear I feel as if I could’ve walked out of there wearing one of the outfits.
Find out more about House of Ronald on their website:
It was finally time for me to eat! And at this point, only having a strawberry-banana shake for breakfast, and it being evening, I was obviously starving!  Luckily, the food was affordable so I was one happy champ!

Two more days of fashion forward are remaining if you are a fashion enthusiast just like me, I’d highly recommend attending at least one day. Not only are the fashion shows are amazing (obviously), but so are the people. Just being surrounded with people who are as passionate in fashion as I am is a wonderful feeling. Definitely, ‘my’ kind of people and I can’t wait for more experiences to come my way! 
Find out more on fashion forward at their website:
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