Beauty Basics: “Eyebrows on fleek!”

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Hey guys!

So I’ve been getting a lot of requests on makeup so I decided to create this new series Im naming “Beauty Basics”, creative i know right. So don’t you fret! Your home girl Bettina’s got all your backs with beauty related stuff… 
My very first ‘tutorial’ is on how I get my eyebrows on ‘fleek’! Giiiiirl if you dont know what ‘eyebrows on fleek’ means yet you need to learn your internet slang ok hahaha! This is just a step by step on how I usually do my eyebrows when I do decide to do my eyebrows. Enjoy!
1. I start of my brushing out my brows to the shape I want them.

2. Then taking my Benefit Brows-A-Go-Go brow kit I start of with the darkest eyebrow cream and warm it on the back of my hand. I also like putting the product on the back of my hand before putting it on my brows so I don’t get too-too much product all at once.

3. Then with small swiping motions i try to mimic the hairs on my brows. I start at the middle, working my way toward the centre of my face and then working on my arch following the direction in which my eyebrows go. Y’know, just going with the flow.

4. I then dab my angled brush onto the darkest shade of the eyebrow powder. And lightly dust it over where the cream went onto.

5. Next I take the highlighter that comes with the kit and dust it right under my eyebrows.
6. I go in again and brush everything out, trying to blend everything so nothing is way too harsh.

7. And with the same brush I lightly spray some hairspray over it and comb through my eyebrows again to keep everything in place for the whole day.
And there you have it guys! This is just how I keep my eyebrows on fleek! All day everyday!
I hope you like this little tutorial and if you have any suggestions and any more requests please do let me know, you can also follow me through my social media which is linked right above my picture on this blog. 
Lots more of exciting things coming your way and thanks again for the never ending support!
See you next time!

  • Mj Lorenzo
    8 March 2015

    Hi Bettina, great tutorial! Btw, which camera and lens do you use on detailed tutorials like these? Thanks. Blogger from Dubai too,

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